Craft Work

An experimental project challenging the boundaries of water and its possibilities.




'Craft' is now defined in a much broader term which includes traditional & contemporary craft but also in digital making / film as well as concept, copywriting and creative direction. This is a brief about making and crafting a personal approach to create an outcome that communicates the theme ‘Balance’.


During a photographic workshop, I created this image by placing the pinhole camera on the floor against the florescent lights and I started to experiment by slowing rotating the camera to achieve this multi-exposure effect. 

Developing an idea

What I like about the image above is the abstract shapes and the movements being captured. And those are the elements I wish to take further into this project. Yet instead of experimenting with lights, I want to experiment with water and its possibilities.


I looked into objects like glass tube, acetate sheets, straws and dropper etc to support the liquid to form into different shapes.

A Personal Approach

This project aims to capture the beauty of water as it is impermanent and incomplete through still life photography - visualising the interactions between different water forms colliding in mid-air. As well as to challenge the boundaries of water and create a sense of motion to portray the theme 'Balance'.

Experimental Process

A quick experiment to visualise the concept as well as testing with lightings and photo shoot set up.

Final Outcome

Three sets of photo shoot with different techniques to create different water forms.