A conceptual brand that uses natural remedies to fight against common flu.




Nowadays, people have become too dependent on medication. The habit of swallowing a pill to solve mild illness is extremely harmful in the long run. The core value behind the project is to raise awareness regarding this issue through creating a conceptual brand that uses natural remedies to fight against common flu.

The Products

Four products are created to raise awareness of this specific issue. For example, if you have a cold - you're suppose to recover by drinking honey lemon water. If you have a sore throat - you use apple cider vinegar to rinse. etc.

Brand Identity

The name Kurë came from the word 'Cure'. The brand message is 'Heal your body naturally.'

Design & Packaging 

Each bottle is designed for a simple and clean visual appearance. They are labeled with brand name, product name, ingredients, and descriptions. The bottle caps are attached with labels with
make-it-yourself instructions.

Promotional Materials

A set of business cards designed / created to further inform customers and users.

Outer Packaging

Cotton draw string bags with brand details. It is made using transfer paper with heat. It aims to provide an organic feeling of these natural remedies.

Product #4

Last but not the least, the fourth product is simply slices of oranges to give a strong boost of energy whenever needed.

Campaign Awareness 

To further expand the brand, a website is created to easily navigate through, containing all the information and stories the brand is here to tell, promoting a new way of living.