Project Tote

Clerkenwell Design Week 2018 - An award winning artwork promoting repurposing and giving a second life to unwanted tote bags.




As a year group at Chelsea College of Arts, we were given a live brief to design individual artworks for the upcoming screen-printing station organised by Media 10 at Clerkenwell Design Week 2018. This project aims to promote the idea of repurposing unused & unwanted tote bags and giving them a second life through over-printing them with a new design.


Starting Point

In order to answer the brief, we were to look at themes to draw inspirations from:

1) Clerkenwell's Rich History
2) The Design Community
3) Collaboration / Uniting Skills

I came across St John's Gate through my research of Clerkenwell's surroundings. The building was built in 1504 - one of the oldest structures in London that still remain today. It is currently a museum to showcase its rich historical associations. 
What is inside the building will always be changing but there is something worth celebrating due to the fact that the building has always been there and will always be there at the heart of Clerkenwell.


Experimental Process

A quickly experiment through collage to roughly test the concept above. The use of teared out paper effect once again emphasised on the idea of celebrating both the rich history and the new creative industry existed in Clerkenwell today.

Final Design (Original - Black & White)

Simple and straight forward context to inform about the area, location, symbol and the year alongside with CDW's strap line and hashtag. 

Clerkenwell Design Week 2018

Cotton tote bags aren’t as sustainable as you think - It turns out that the ecological footprint of a cotton tote bag is 327 times worse than a regular plastic bag. They only become environmentally viable when they’re used repeatedly.