Time to Paws

An engaging in-store experience built to play with a purpose and to educate the public regarding the issue of loneliness.



John Lewis (D&AD New Blood 2018)

The Reason Behind

Loneliness is a problem for 9 million people in the UK across all ages. Nowadays, social connection no longer requires a car, a phone call or a plan, it seems to work with just a click. The issue of loneliness effects not only individuals’ wellbeing but also the stability of wider society. 

Design Concept

In response, this project aims to educate and raise awareness of this mental health issue by creating an engaging in-store experience at John Lewis through a fun and playful approach. We can do more to provide support and to avoid loneliness; We can play with a purpose.

The Space

A comfortable and easy-to-approach space divided into two areas. It is designed using all existing products of John Lewis (from home furniture, interior decoratives to pet care range)

In-Store Navigation & Window Display 

An in-store navigation system ‘Follow the Footprints‘ is created to build traffic and attraction to the space. As well as using projections of moving animal shadows in the window displays to stimulate curiosity of passersby.

Facebook Canvas

Brand storytelling through an immersive full-screen ad experience to bring the event to life - providing information regarding the space, the purpose as well as additional supports that can be provided by both organisations.