Unheard Voices

An interactive project celebrating the unheard voices in the creative industry.




The project brief was to identify an unknown creative in art and design, literature or film industry and create a response that elevates and celebrate an unheard voice that you find fascinating in a medium of your choice.

Voices Chosen

In order to answer the brief, I have chosen BUAISOU - a group of Japanese Indigo farmers, dyers and artisans located in Tokushima, Japan. I am particularly inspired by their devotion to preserve the tradition of Japanese Indigo - a dyeing technique which takes an year to produce the perfect 'Japan Blue' colour.


A Challenging Process

Despite how challenging the process is to produce this specific colour, a team like BUAISOU who insist doing things in the traditional way, honouring their culture and providing organic and authentic products is a story worth spreading to today's fast paced society. 


Process of Working + Outcome

BUAISOU produces a range of artwork from garments, bracelets to prints and more. They also host workshops in Japan, Taiwan and Brooklyn to reach their stories to a broader audience through teaching traditional techniques. 


An interview with Aya Tatebe

(Intern at BUAISOU)
Posted by Acclaim Magazine


Label Design / Colour Swatches

Handmade labels for 10 paint pots. Each label matches with the colour it corresponds to.


Paint Pots (5 Lighter Shades)

Each colour was mixed by hand to ensure the one after is gradually darker than the previous.


Paint Pots (5 Darker Shades)

The paint pots were separated in three
undertones - blue, green and purple.



People were asked to choose one of their favourite blues out of all the shades and add it to the container in the front.